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Career Resources: Job Hunting

Explore these library resources to help you find the right career or major.

"multiple job offers" by o5com is licensed under CC by 2.0

It's a lot like dating

• Finding a job is like dating 

Some good pointers to remember in both the job hunt and the dating world.

Staying positive while looking for the perfect job

3 Ways to stay positive while looking  for the perfect job 

Getting a lot of rejection. Remember these 3 tips to stay positive. 

10 Tips on how to stay positive while looking for a job 

A protracted job hunt can be very discouraging but don't give up. 

Career Fairs

• Career Fair Etiquette 

Make your career fair experience successful. 

The Job Huntt

Job Search Resources

The career center has lots of information about finding jobs to apply for, They even have a list of postings! 

Eight Tips for Job Hunting During the Recession 

Looking for a job during a recession is especially difficult. Remember these tips and tricks.

Where to find job postings?

International Interior Design Association (IIDA) job board 

Find jobs in the field of Interior Design 

Healthcare Jobs 

Find jobs postings in the healthcare industry. 

Zillman Employment Resources 

Designed to monitor employment resources on the World Wide Web. 

10 Best websites for paralegal jobs 

This site has a nice list of place to find legal and paralegal jobs. 


International Student?

International Student Employment (F1 Visa) 

Know what kinds of jobs you may and may not have while you're a student.