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Career Resources: Interviewing

Explore these library resources to help you find the right career or major.

Words Tell, Examples Sell

Visit the Career Center

The Career Center on the 4th floor has a wealth of opportunities for practicing interviewing. They are open 8-5 Monday through Friday. 

Remember your Power Statement

Power Statement Examples

This brief article provides insight about developing a "me in 30 seconds" statement and its importance. 

Interviewing Skills

Interviewing -- from the Career Center 

Information including how to dress, and how to write thank notes. 


Practice your Interview!

Optimal Interview 

This service lets your interview (both spoken and visual) and you can use the virtual coach to learn about the best ways to answer the questions. 

Interviweing tips

Dress for Success

The Power of Personal Appearance 

This short article reminds you of how the way you dress affects the way you think-- and consequently why it's important to dress for success. 

The Interview 

Chock full of helpful hints and guidelines about dressing to get the job. 

English 220

Remember the MOCK INTERVIEW you did in English 220? Now is a good time to find that feedback and remember what you can improve, so you can beat the competition this time.

Tips & Tricks

• Write down 5-10 great stories on a 3x5 index card and review them while you wait for your interview.

• Practice answering questions in front of a mirror so you can see your facial expressions and nervous ticks.