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Interior Design: Scanner

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Scanning Process

1. Go to the 4th floor of the Library and find the computer with the scanner that looks like this: 

Note: The scanner on the 3rd floor does not produce an as a high-quality image

2. Launch the scanner by clicking the Epson Scan Icon: 

3. Select the correct scanner (DS-5000) and hit OK. 

4. Change the settings on the Scanner to match your desired settings:


  • If you know the size of your paper, select it. 
  • Turn OFF correct document skew
  • Turn OFF rotate (you can do this later in Adobe) 
  • Image type should be at least grayscale (if you want black and white) or color if you want to scan full color. DO NOT use the "black and white" option as it ONLY uses solid black or solid white. 
  • The resolution should be at least 600 dpi. 

5. When you are happy with your settings, you can preview, or go ahead and hit Scan. 

6. Once the scan is complete, the following dialog box will pop up: 

Note: If you want to create multiple pages within one file, you can select the "add page". If you are done and ready to save the file, you can select "save file". Note: You can always combine pages in Adobe after they are saved. 

7. You can save the file to your One Drive account, or bring the thumb drive (insert into the computer at the bottom right) or e-mail it to yourself. 


Note: If you need more assistance, don't hesitate to ask any of our staff members.