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Humanities 110 : Books & Sources

Boolean Operators

AND: Searches for items containing Both search terms:

So you'd see  only articles mentioning BOTH Elephants and Africa. This is your go-to for most searches, and narrows your results

NOT: Removes a term from a search that keeps coming up

So you'd find articles about elephants, but none that mention Africa. NOT Booleans are great for removing false positives (Utah AND jazz NOT Basketball)

OR: Searches for either search term, regardless whether they both appear together

So this would give you sources on either Africa or Elephants, regardless of whether they were used together. OR Booleans are great for synonyms (Bigfoot OR Sasquatch)

Subject Headings for Art Books


  Art books are cataloged according to the following subject patterns:

  Medium | ex: painting, sculpture, installation 

  Nationality | ex: art, French; painting, American

  Genre | ex: landscape painting, portrait painting 

  Time Period | ex: art, painting, French - 19th century 

  Style/Movement | ex: baroque; symbolism 

Digitized Art Books

              • Interactive Archive: Texts      • Guggenheim: Download Art Books 

              • The Getty Virtual Library       • Open Culture: Free Art Books

              • The Power of Art                   • My Modern Met: Read Art Books 

From the Stacks




Create and format your won bibliography of articles, books, etc. Import references from databases and us the style guide of your choice!

Don't forget keywords!

Great keywords are going to give you the best possible results. Remember that a good keyword is usually a noun ("shoes"), or a noun with a modifier ("blue shoes"). It can also be a short phrase ("blue suede shoes").